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Filter & tea strainer

Filter & tea strainer

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The filter is easy to insert into the bottle and clings to the neck of the bottle thanks to the slots on both sides. It also impresses with these properties:

The filter retains flavoring essences such as pieces of ginger or mint leaves in the bottle. This allows the natural taste to be enjoyed pure.

tea can be brewed directly in the bottle. To do this, tea leaves are filled into the filter. Pour in hot water, leave the tea to infuse for as long as you like and remove the filter. Thanks to the heat resistance of the borosilicate glass, the water can be poured in boiling hot without the glass cracking. This means that tea can be enjoyed straight from the sealable FlLL ME bottle.

Leaves or fruit residue often stick to the bottom of the glass and are difficult to remove from the bottle. The filter is designed so that it can also be placed upside down, which is very useful for cleaning. Fill the FILL ME bottle with water and shake so that the residue comes away from the glass, place the filter upside down on the neck of the bottle and allow the water to run out. The leaves and fruit residue remain in the filter and can simply be tapped out.

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Borosilicate glass

The borosilicate glass (laboratory glass) is approx. 50 percent lighter and many times more heat-resistant than conventional glass. It is perfect for cold and hot drinks (up to 120°C). The laboratory glass is tasteless - and does not absorb any odors, tastes or discoloration. The swing top is a handy handle that can be opened and closed with one hand.


Stainless steel & plastic


Weight: 366 mg
Height: 22 cm
Diameter: 8 cm

Care instructions

FILL ME bottle is dishwasher-safe (except with gold and silver print).

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