More than just a water bottle

Companies and organizations rely on our FILL ME bottle made of borosilicate glass. Because our handy drinking bottle offers many useful advantages. You too can opt for our environmentally friendly and resource-saving everyday companion . Design your FILL ME bottle.

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Zurich Cantonal Bank

FILL ME bottle as a "150 years" anniversary gift for customers and employees

"Zürcher Kantonalbank strives to implement sustainable and environmentally conscious measures in all areas of the company. For this reason, we have supported the FILL ME glass drinking bottle project, as it helps to reduce the use of pet bottles and promote a healthy carbon footprint. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have decided to eliminate the use of plastic bottles throughout the bank and actively communicate this to our employees and customers. The FILL ME bottle fits perfectly with our values and mission and we are proud to be part of this initiative."

Diego Wider as Head of Culture Citizenship at Zürcher Kantonalbank ZKB

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ZHAW for Social Work

FILL ME bottle as a gift for employees

"The ZHAW for Social Work promotes the consumption of the best tap water by our students. A beautifully designed FILL ME drinking bottle gives them access to first-class water in our buildings. This reduces the CO2 footprint and promotes sufficient water intake. The FILL ME bottle is a loyal companion in everyday life and at the same time an ambassador for sustainability and conscious use of the precious resource of water."

Severin Heidelberger as Marketing & Communications Manager ZHAW

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Aarau Cantonal Hospital

"As part of the "Dreiklang" new-build project, Aarau Cantonal Hospital (KSA) has taken significant initiatives in terms of logistics, optimizing work routes for staff and conserving resources, with an important focus on water management. The KSA has decided to use high-quality tap water and has therefore introduced the FILL ME bottle, which is characterized by its handiness, practicality and easy mechanical cleaning. These bottles are used both for employees and in meeting rooms. The KSA is thus not only committed to logistics and work optimization, but also plays a responsible role in terms of environmental protection and sustainability."

Sergio Baumann,
Head of Operations,
Kantonsspital Aarau

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Helbling Group

"At Helbling, the combination of sustainable action with innovative strength and technological understanding is particularly important to us. The FILL ME bottle impressed us for precisely these reasons, as it represents a successful symbiosis of innovative spirit and technological feasibility. We chose this high-quality, digitally printed product as a Christmas gift because it is ideal for daily use by customers and employees, especially in combination with the filter/screen. It reflects our values and helps us to act sustainably and innovatively as a company."

Dr. Urban Schnell,
Head of the Technology Division,

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from Roll Hydro

FILL ME bottle as a sustainable brand ambassador

"As a company, we at VONROLL HYDRO have always cultivated the respectful use of resources and regarded compliance with or exceeding environmental regulations as a matter of course. With the further development of our environmental management system, we are underlining our commitment to clean, high-quality tap water and the environment. We ensure that we manufacture and distribute ecologically optimized products to avoid negative impacts on the environment. We minimize the risk of soil or water pollution through effective measures and conduct regular drills to deal with leaks and spills. Our 'Zero Waterloss' quality promise is reflected in our commitment to non-discriminatory access to clean water as a universal human right. We are proud to make a positive contribution to sustainability both inside and outside our company. The FILL ME bottle is the ideal high-quality product with which we can identify. It is the best way to live our message and our promise of quality both internally and externally."

Jürg Brand as CEO of Roll Hydro


"The decision in favor of FILL ME bottles was based on their outstanding product properties and the various possible uses.

A particular advantage was the high level of expertise in the printing process. By combining ceramic screen printing and digital printing, we were able to realize various applications and design the bottles individually. This has enabled us to offer a high-quality product for both our customers and employees that meets our high standards."

Irene Cavelti,
Head of Marketing, DACH Sharp

  • In appreciation of your employees

    Our glass drinking bottle is the perfect gift for your employees - sustainable and environmentally conscious. This is how we save important resources together.

  • On loan for your events & occasions

    Our reusable concept makes it possible. Hire our FILL ME bottle for your congress or event. Guests refill the drinking glass bottles as required.

  • As a gift for your customers & new customers

    Give your customers environmentally friendly and high-quality FILL ME bottles - branded with your logo and slogan. This creates a creative and everyday bond.

  • As an anniversary gift for employees and customers

    Give our FILL ME bottle as a gift for your anniversary. Customize our glass drinking bottle according to your wishes and celebrate your special milestone with a lasting meaning.

  • As an ambassador for your projects, organization or goals

    Place your message on our FILL ME bottle and communicate your projects, organization or goals via our drinking bottle - high-quality and sustainably placed.

  • To welcome your new employees

    Give your new employees a warm welcome with our FILL ME bottle - printed according to your wishes. The perfect introductory gift with added value.

  • As a table bottle in the gastronomy & hotel industry

    Many companies in the catering and hotel industry rely on our FILL ME bottle as a table bottle - light and handy with a generous opening. Our dishwasher-safe glass drinking bottle enables a reusable concept that avoids unnecessary transportation and everyday waste in the long term.

  • As a contribution to achieving the 17 SDGs

    The United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global agenda to combat poverty, inequality and environmental problems. They also include topics such as clean water, renewable energy and climate protection. Our FILL ME bottle makes a relevant contribution to achieving these vital goals.

  • As a starting signal for your branding or rebranding

    With our FILL ME bottle, your values can be communicated sustainably and purposefully in everyday life. A new branding? Or a rebranding? Give away our glass drinking bottle - printed with your new logo and slogan. You establish your values in a contemporary and environmentally conscious way with your target group - both internally and externally to your company.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to order more than 30 bottles?

Please write to us if you have any questions or would like a specific quote. We will advise you personally for orders of 30 bottles or more. We look forward to hearing from you.