I. The FILL ME bottle is hygienic, what does that mean?

The FILL ME bottle is made of borosilicate glass 3.3. This special glass is particularly resistant to chemical substances such as alkalis, acids etc. and does not contain any harmful substances (such as BPA). At the same time, its smooth and non-porous surface prevents the adhesion of germs. As a result, the bottle remains germ-free even after repeated use (and proper cleaning), does not smell and is absolutely tasteless throughout its service life. It is not for nothing that this glass is primarily used in laboratories and the food industry. It is considered to be the most suitable glass for storing food.

II. What is the best way to clean the FILL ME bottle?

We recommend rinsing the bottle before first use. After that, you should simply rinse it out after every use. As borosilicate glass is very heat-resistant, the bottle can even be boiled in boiling water or cleaned in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning (see point III). Of course, you can also use a bottle brush for cleaning. These are available to buy in different versions online (not from FILL ME). The brush should be longer than the bottle (21 cm) and no wider than the neck of the bottle (3 cm). Steel wool or abrasive cleaners should be avoided. If limescale builds up in the bottle, it can be easily removed with hot water and a dash of vinegar. Simply pour in, shake the bottle and leave for a few minutes. Then rinse well. Allow the FILL ME bottle and all drinking cap parts to dry thoroughly after cleaning.

III. Is the bottle dishwasher-safe?

The FILL ME bottle and the swing top are dishwasher-safe. Please note, however, that the FILL ME bottle with gold and silver print is NOT dishwasher-safe.

IV. What material is the FILL ME bottle made of?

The FILL ME bottle is made of a special glass developed by Otto Schott in 1897. He named the chemically resistant, heat and thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass 3.3 and a patent application was filed in 1938 under the brand name DURAN®. Since then, it has been the standard material for the manufacture of laboratory glassware. Due to its very high heat and thermal shock resistance and high mechanical strength, this glass is also used for household items such as kettles, teapots, tea glasses, oven dishes and glass jugs for coffee machines.

V. What material is the wire clip of the swing top made of?

The wire clip is made of stainless steel and is therefore corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant, durable and hygienic.

VI. what material is the swing-top lid made of?

The lid is made of plastic (FDA food quality standard, EU food conformity, phthalate-free). We deliberately opted for a plastic lid because it weighs around a third of a ceramic lid. It is also more compact. This has enabled us to make the FILL ME bottle 50% lighter and over 10% smaller than comparable drinking bottles made of normal glass with the same radius, and the FILL ME swing top is something very special: not a standard size, but a special design to fit the large mouth.

VII What material is the seal made of?

The sealing ring is made of silicone (FDA food quality standard, EU food compliant, phthalate-free). Silicone is an artificial material made from silicon and oxygen. Silicon is abundant on earth and is therefore a good resource. We chose silicone because it is heat-resistant and insensitive to cold. In contrast, natural rubber becomes brittle when exposed to cold.

VIII. How unbreakable is the FILL ME bottle?

The FILL ME bottle is and remains a glass bottle. Although borosilicate glass is more robust than normal glass, it is not completely break-proof. Therefore, the bottle - especially when filled - can shatter if it falls from a great height or onto a hard surface.

IX. What is the advantage of glass?

Taste: In contrast to plastic, aluminum and chrome steel bottles, glass is tasteless and therefore offers the best drinking pleasure. We also drink wine from glasses so that the taste is not affected. So it makes sense to take the same care with our daily drinking water.
Hygiene: The natural structure of plastic, aluminum and chrome steel bottles causes deposits to form over time. Not so with non-porous borosilicate glass. This looks the same after years of use as it did on the first day.

Screw cap: The corners and edges on the thread of screw caps make it particularly easy for fungi and germs to grow. These closures are therefore often dyed black so that the black dots of fungi and germs are not visible. Our swing top has a food-safe silicone seal that can be replaced. In addition, the swing top is firmly attached to the bottle, forming a single unit. Screw caps are usually loose and can easily get lost.

Production: Virtually all chrome steel bottles are produced in the Far East. With the FILL ME bottle, all materials come from Germany and we know every production company personally. The packaging comes from Switzerland.

X. What are the dimensions of the bottle?

The FILL ME bottle is available in 0.6L and 1L. The 0.6L bottle is 23.2 cm high and has a diameter of 7.4 cm. The 1L bottle is 24.8 cm high and has a diameter of 9.4 cm.

Important:The height includes the lid (approx. 1 cm high). So if you want to know whether the bottle fits under the spout of a water dispenser, the height is of course only 22.2 or 23.8 cm high. This is important because our 1 liter bottle was designed to fit under all commercially available water dispensers. As far as we know, the FILL ME bottle is the only bottle where the 1 liter bottle also fits under the water dispenser of e.g. BWT.

XI. What is the capacity of the filter?

The filter has a filling capacity of 5 cl, whereby it is probably more important how many grams of tea herbs fit in. However, this depends entirely on the tea. For example, the Oswald Berry Joy tea fits 7-8 grams. According to the manufacturer, 1-2 grams are needed for 250 ml. So for 6dl you need 2.5 - 5 grams, i.e. about 2-3 times as much fits into the filter as necessary. This is even clearer with the Perfect Boost tea variety. A good 15 grams fit in here, according to the manufacturer 1-2 grams are needed for 250 ml. This means that 3-4 times as many grams of tea leaves fit into the filter as necessary.

XII. How do I dispose of the FILL ME bottle?

There are two options. Ideally, you should dispose of the components of the bottle separately. Dispose of the carrying handle in scrap metal, the lid and silicone seal in household waste and the glass bottle as waste glass. However, you can also safely dispose of the entire bottle in household waste. The bottle is then incinerated with the household waste in the waste incineration plant. The silicone seal is recycled for energy, the handle is sent for metal recycling during slag processing and the remains of the glass are deposited in a landfill.

XIII Where is the bottle produced?

All components of the FILL ME bottle are produced and processed in Germany. There are only two manufacturers of borosilicate glass in Europe. Ours is produced in Mainz.

XIV The swing top is loose, what should I do?

It can happen that the swing stopper bends slightly over time so that it is too loose for the holder. If this happens, it can be pressed together a little before refastening. It should then hold again.

XV How is the clip-on cap refitted correctly?

XVI The lid has marks, similar to scratches

Our lids are made of plastic and are injection molded. As the word suggests, plastic is injected into a mold. The "bullet hole" is under the sealing ring. If you remove the sealing ring, you can clearly see an approx. 1 mm spot where the plastic was injected into the mold. We deliberately chose this "unsightly" bullet hole at a point where it is covered by the sealing ring. This means that the plastic is shot into the mold at a slight angle. As there is a recess in the mold for the bracket holder, a wave-like pattern can occur at the back of the recess and therefore at the very back of the mold (which is the upper part of the lid). This can be stronger or weaker, but is usually not visible at all. Unfortunately, it cannot be completely avoided in all cases. It is neither a production defect nor a weakening of the lid. However, if a lid should break, be it one with a wavy pattern or not, we will of course replace it at any time without complaint!

XVII Is the bottle suitable for carbonated drinks?

The FILL ME bottle is suitable for carbonated drinks and is normally leak-proof even with these.

XVIII. What about deliveries outside Switzerland?

We are currently only supplying the Swiss market. The plan is to deliver abroad in 1-2 years.

XIX My bottle has something like an edge at the front and back

Our bottle is produced using the so-called press-and-blow process. A hot, liquid glass drop is poured into a mold and pressed and blown into its round shape. You can imagine this as being similar to the production of a chocolate bunny. This mold is called a tool. This mold consists of two parts (like the chocolate bunny). It has a seam where the two parts come together. This can be seen on every bottle, including every wine bottle - sometimes clearly, sometimes less clearly. Due to the special and patented sack-like bulge on the neck of the FILL ME bottle, in which the wire clip of the swing stopper sits, it is not possible to attach this seam to the side of the FILL ME bottle. This would create tension in the glass and the glass would break. This is why the seam on the FILL ME bottle is in the middle.

XX. Does the bottle heat up so much with hot drinks that it can no longer be held?

Borosilicate glass heats up like any other glass when a hot liquid such as tea is poured into it. However, thanks to the carrying handle, you can easily take the FILL ME bottle with you when you are out and about. Another advantage is that you won't burn your mouth, as you can tell with your hand that the drink in the bottle is still hot (unlike thermos flasks). In the case of the FILL ME bottle, you can use another trick when brewing tea. Only partially fill the bottle with hot water and then turn it upside down to let the tea steep. Then top up with cold water until the optimum drinking temperature is reached.

XXI. Can individual names be engraved on the bottle?

The glass manufacturer recommends only printing on borosilicate glass and not engraving. Engraving or scribing will damage the glass surface and the special glass properties, such as resistance to thermal shock or pressure resistance, may be impaired. The digital printing process is suitable for applying individual names. You can even print your own multicolored design on the bottle.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to order more than 30 bottles?

Please write to us if you have any questions or would like a specific quote. We will advise you personally for orders of 30 bottles or more. We look forward to hearing from you.