Update – Trinkwasserprojekt Madagaskar

Update - Madagascar drinking water project

Already over CHF 60,000 in donations for drinking water project in Madagascar

Just under a year ago, we were able to announce that FILL ME AG would bedonating a total ofCHF 100,000 to a Helvetas drinking water project in Madagascar via DRINK & DONATE . The first donation tranche of CHF 28,000 was transferred at that time. With these donations, two water systems were installed last year. Today - a good year later - we are proud to announce that thanks to further donations, a total of CHF 66,462 was collected last year and the project is now 2/3 funded. We would like to thank our customers for this! With further donations, 5% of FILL ME AG's turnover goes to the non-profit organization DRINK & DONATE.

What has been realized so far

The project supports six communities on their way to sustainable access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities. In total, the population of six communities (around 60,000 people) is benefiting from better water management and around 20,000 people now have access to a water connection within a reasonable distance.

With the help of the donations collected by FILL ME AG, DRINK & DONATE is also supporting the planning and implementation of water supplies and sanitary facilities in two schools in the Miandrivazo district: in the Antanimenabe school in the municipality of Masindray and in the Soanafindra school in the municipality of Dabolava. The construction work has already been completed and the water supply was handed over to the school management in a festive ceremony. As a result, more than 350 schoolchildren and nine teachers now have access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities.

The two water systems consist of a concrete water tank with a main water connection. Large hand basins with four and six taps respectively were installed on the school grounds - easily accessible for all schoolchildren and teachers. All schools also received four latrines and one shower each. The costs for the two water systems amounted to CHF 27,500.

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