SEF probt Wechsel von PET-Einwegflaschen auf Mehrwegsystem

SEF trials switch from disposable PET bottles to reusable system

"Take, make, waste" - this model still applies in many areas of our economy today. Exploit, produce, throw away - a model, we believe, with which humanity is harming itself. The hosts of the CE2-Day see it the same way. CE2 Day - which emerged from the Swiss Energy & Climate Summit (SwissECS, formerly the National Climate Forum) - is a one-day conference organized in 2019 by the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF, part of the NZZ Media Group).

Originally, the SwissECS was a conference to find solutions to our energy and climate problems. However, as this topic is nowadays - and this is a very positive point - discussed at practically every conference, the SEF wanted to go one step further. This is how the CE2 Day came about. CE2 stands for "Circular Economic Entrepreneurs", which can be roughly translated as circular entrepreneurship. And that is exactly what the conference is about: the circular economy.

Many players in our economic model still act as if our resources are inexhaustible. The fact that the opposite is the case can be seen in the primeval forests of the Amazon or the oil fields in the Middle East. And this is precisely why representatives from science and business are meeting in Interlaken on September 17 for CE2 Day. They are trying to find new models in terms of reuse, reusability, repair, upcycling, recycling, etc.

Bringing about a rethink

This "take, make, waste" model also concerns us at FILL ME. Disposable PET bottles are still used at conferences for catering for participants - simply because that's the way it has always been. This is where we want to start and bring about a change in thinking. Our aim is that in the near future all conferences under the SEF (CE2-Day, Swiss Technology Award, Swiss Innovation Forum, etc.) will be held with a reusable system and the FILL ME bottle. We have already successfully applied this concept at the European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN) at ETH Zurich.

Together with the organizers of the CE2-Day, we would like to use the conference to see how such a concept is received by the participants. To start with, participants will be asked to bring drinking bottles from home. Drinking water dispensers will then be available on site. FILL ME offers the conference 200 FILL ME bottles as a back-up for all those who do not have their own drinking bottle with them. After the event, we take the bottles back with us - used bottles are professionally cleaned and returned to circulation. If the concept catches on, the FILL ME bottle and a sustainable reusable system may soon be found not only at CE2 Day, but at all NZZ Media Group conferences.

Watch the video here: FILL ME bottle │CE2day │

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