Borosilikatglas - besondere Eigenschaften

Borosilicate glass - special properties

Why borosilicate glass is perfect for the FILL ME bottle

Borosilicate glass is considered THE super glass in chemical circles. Developed by Dr. Otto Schott at the end of the 19th century, the glass was quickly used in laboratories all over the world thanks to its special properties. Today it is used for a wide variety of things. In addition to laboratory glassware, teacups, gratin dishes and, of course, drinking bottles such as the FILL ME bottle are made from this special glass. But what makes it so perfect for our drinking bottle?

Lightweight and robust

Borosilicate glass has a lower density than the soda-lime glass normally used for bottles and jars (2.23g/cm3 compared to 2.5g/cm3). At the same time, it is more stable. For the FILL ME bottle this means: thanks to its high stability, borosilicate glass can be processed much thinner, which makes the bottle lighter (the FILL ME bottle is almost 1/3 lighter than a comparable drinking bottle made of glass). However, this does not mean that the FILL ME bottle will survive a fall from the first floor - it is and remains a glass bottle.

Completely tasteless and hygienic

Thanks to its high chemical resistance, neither acids nor acidic solutions or other chemical substances can harm the special glass. It does not absorb any of these substances - including germs - and remains completely neutral (in taste). The FILL ME drinking bottle therefore does not start to smell or become discolored even after repeated use. It is not for nothing that most laboratory vessels are made of borosilicate glass. And it is not for nothing that it is considered the most suitable glass for storing food.

From ice cold to boiling hot

The high heat resistance and above all the thermal shock resistance of borosilicate glass is very interesting for a drinking bottle. It can withstand temperatures from -196° to 500° Celsius. This means that products made of borosilicate glass can be cleaned in the dishwasher or even in boiling water without any problems. And thanks to its high thermal shock resistance, the glass does not crack even if scalding hot water is poured directly over it. With the FILL ME bottle, you can therefore brew your tea directly in the bottle without any worries.

Borosilicate glass is 100 percent recyclable

When borosilicate glass is melted down, it is 100 percent recyclable. It is also a particularly environmentally friendly option because it does not contain any harmful substances (such as BPA) that are released into the environment during disposal.

All these properties make the FILL ME bottle more than just a simple drinking bottle. A stylish drinking accessory for at home, on the go and in the office - sustainable and of the highest quality.

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