10 Fakten über Wasser

10 facts about water

Did you know that...

70 percent of your body and 85 percent of your brain is made up of water?

This is also reflected in the fact that you can only survive for a few days without water. You should actually consume at least 2.5 liters of fluids every day, 1.5 liters of which should come from drinks. Otherwise, a fluid deficiency of just 2 percent will lead to reduced mental performance, dizziness and tiredness. By the way, fun fact: jellyfish and cucumbers are 95 percent water.

Drinking water does not spoil?

Okay, that shouldn't be generalized. But drinking water that is stored in a sealed container cannot go bad. Bottled water does have an expiration date, but only because this is required by law. Drinking water that is left open doesn't actually go bad either. After a while it tastes a little stale, but that doesn't mean it's harmful to your health. Nevertheless, you should probably empty out the water in your PET bottle that has been sitting in your car all summer and has already been opened - and then dispose of it in the PET waste and buy a FILL ME bottle.

the dishwasher is more economical than washing up by hand?

Not so long ago, I thought that I could wash just one plate by hand and save a machine in the long run. Nonsense, I was told. All new dishwashers are much more water-efficient than hand washing. So you can put the salad bowl in the dishwasher without feeling guilty. And another thing about saving water: if you're the kind of person who brushes their teeth bent over the sink with their mouth open and the water running, stop it. It looks funny and uses over 15 liters of water.

only 3 percent of the world's water is fresh water?

It is common knowledge that 2/3 of the earth's surface is covered by water. That's around 1.6 billion cubic kilometers (Lake Zurich holds around 4 cubic kilometers). However, only about 3 percent of this is fresh water, which is suitable for the treatment of drinking water. And only a paltry 3/1000 of all water is drinkable for humans without treatment. It therefore makes perfect sense to use the drinking water that is available to us wisely.

a Bic Mac menu consumes approx. 6000 liters of water?

Of course, such examples are always somewhat abstract. But the fact is that an incredible 6000 liters of water are used to produce a Bic Mac menu. That's about 40 full bathtubs. This includes the water required in agriculture for feeding livestock etc. - an incredible figure. Incidentally, agriculture consumes the most water overall, accounting for 70 percent.

that around a quarter of the world's population has no access to clean drinking water?

According to UNICEF, 2.1 billion people do not have regular access to clean drinking water. 785 million of them have no basic drinking water supply at all. As a result, around 1.5 million people die every year as a result of contaminated drinking water.

that the production of a PET bottle consumes four times the amount of water it contains?

Of course, the same applies to a reusable bottle like the FILL ME bottle. However, as the name suggests, these are used several times, whereas the PET bottle usually goes straight to the PET collection point.

Women and girls around the world spend 200 million hours a day fetching water?

Unimaginable for us. Tap open, tap water in the glass, tap closed again. For millions of people, the reality is different. If they are lucky, they often have to walk for miles to get clean drinking water. In most cases, this task falls to girls and women.

We lose a liter of water every day through our breathing and sweating?

For something we don't see and barely notice, that's actually quite a lot. With every breath we take, we lose a small amount of water and oxygen. Calculated over the whole day, that's almost half a liter. We lose even more water through sweating. Even if we are not doing anything strenuous, we sweat - constantly. This means we lose almost a liter without realizing it.

the color of our urine is an indicator of our water balance?

Many people may have noticed this when drinking beer. Once you've had a glass or two, your urine is a clear color. It's the same with drinking water. If the urine is a dark yellow color, you have not drunk enough. If the color is light yellow to clear, we know that we have drunk enough. If it is any other color, you should contact a doctor.

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